My Favorite Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

My Favorite Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

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My dog is always keeping me on my toes. Just when I think I have her quirks figured out, she manages to surprise me!

If you’re a dog guardian, you’ve probably witnessed some weird dog behaviors that left you scratching your head. Dogs, in all their adorable glory, are known for having some strange behaviors.

In this exploration of the canine mind, we’ll look into the weird and wonderful world of dog behaviors. So, let’s dive in and unpack those head-tilting moments.

The Spin Cycle

Dog chasing her own tail.

One of the classic oddities that many dog owners witness is tail chasing. This one looks like pure silliness. But there’s often more to this behavior than meets the eye.

Some dogs chase their tails as a response to boredom, pent-up energy, or even as a way to seek attention. And it usually works!

It’s important to know that tail chasing is more than complete nonsense. Some people might think that dogs chase their tails because they are dumb. I know this is not true.

In fact, dogs more likely use this strange behavior because they are smart! They know it makes us laugh, and dogs love to make us happy.

The Grass Buffet

Eating grass is an instinctual behavior. It might mean there is a medical issue. Or your dog might have nutritional deficiencies. It might not mean anything at all!

Picture this: You walk into your backyard to find your dog happily munching on grass. You start to wonder if your dog is interested in switching to a vegetarian lifestyle.

While it might seem strange, eating grass is a surprisingly common behavior. And we’re still not totally sure why dogs do it.

Some theories suggest dogs eat grass to relieve stress or an upset stomach. You might notice that your dog throws up after eating grass. She could be doing this on purpose if she feels sick.

It’s also possible that your dog craves grass because of its nutritional value. Dogs may eat grass to fill gaps in their diet with the good green stuff. Dogs need meat too though, so this isn’t about an interest in vegetarianism.

If you catch your dog eating grass from time to time, this is normal. If your dog is eating grass constantly, and regularly throwing up, it’s best to see your veterinarian.

Butt Sniffing, Unleashed

Other dogs butts are full of information. Sniffing butts is an ancestral behavior.

You’ve probably witnessed the dance of dogs sniffing each other’s behinds.

I can envision it now: My dog meets a new friend at the dog park. She wastes no time and takes a whiff of his butt. Then my dog turns around and shows off her own scent.

While this might seem odd to us, it’s a perfectly normal way for dogs to exchange information. It’s like their version of a friendly handshake.

This is canine communication at its finest. The dogs butts are just doing all the talking.

The Heartwarming Head Tilt

The head tilt might be a learned behavior to make pet parents smile.

Few things tug at the heartstrings of dog guardians more than the head tilt. When my dog tilts her head in response to my words, I melt!

It’s both adorable and a sign of attentiveness. Some head tilting might be linked to trying to understand human cues. Some might be because our dogs see how much we love it.

Ear Infections or Dog Disco?

Is your dog shaking her head more than normal? This could be a sign of an ear infection.

But sometimes it’s just how many dogs deal with an itch or a pesky bug.

Keep an eye on how often your dog is shaking her head or itching her ears. Make an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice it happening frequently.

The Poop Problem

There are specific nutrients in poop that dogs may crave. Ask your vet about any health conditions.

Have you ever caught your dog snacking on the unmentionable? Did it make you question your life choices?

Every kiss flashes before my eyes when I see my dog feasting on feces.

While it might make us cringe, dogs have various reasons for eating poop. It could be because there is something missing from your dog’s diet. Or it could be his way of keeping his living area clean.

It’s definitely a strange quirk. But hey, your dog is not alone in trying this disgusting dish. Take a deep breath and let this inspire you to brush your dog’s teeth!


Does your dog ever get a huge burst of energy, racing around like a four-legged tornado?

Called “zoomies,” this behavior is a release of pent-up energy and a display of pure joy.

It’s like a victory lap celebrating a successful day. As pet parents, we can just sit back, laugh, and enjoy the show.

Normally, dogs will tire themselves out after a round of the zoomies. Find a calm moment to practice some TTouches on your pup to help him chill out.

Dogs get the zoomies to burn off excess energy. This is a normal part of self expression.

Howling at the Moon

Have you ever caught your dog howling at the moon or barking at nothing? It might have you questioning whether your dog is part werewolf.

Usually, this is a response to distant sounds, other dogs’ howls, or even a perceived threat. It’s a an instinctual behavior that dates back thousands of years.

Most dogs mainly howl at other dogs. This behavior also depends on dog breed.

Paw Pad Obsession

Dogs can have a medical condition that makes them lick their arms and paws. The underlying condition may be allergies.

Dogs lick their paws for a few reasons. If your dog is an obsessive paw-licker, something might be off. From allergies to boredom, the reasons behind this behavior can vary.

I like to be mindful of whether my dog is just grooming herself. If it seems excessive, I know this habit could be a sign of a health issue. If I ever suspect health problems, I make sure to call my veterinarian.

Experimental Eating

Dogs have been exploring the world with their mouths forever. But sometimes it can lead to less-than-appetizing choices. From eating foreign objects to sampling a dead animal to eating grass, some dogs will try it all.

Most dogs are curious about weird objects. But is your pup eating absolutely everything in sight–edible or not? It’s best to mention this to your veterinarian.

Smell, Drop, and Roll

Dogs love smelly things. Rolling in weird things is normal behavior.

Picture this: Your dog discovers an especially pungent odor. The next thing you know, they’re rolling in it with sheer delight.

This is the last thing we want to do when we find smelly stuff. But it’s normal behavior for many dogs.

Some dogs roll in certain smells to mask their scent. Or it might simply be that they find the odor interesting.

Embracing Canine Quirks

Dog guardianship is full of everyday behaviors that might seem weird, amusing, or downright shocking. This is part of the excitement of being a dog parent.

Understanding the reasons behind these behaviors has a positive impact on your relationship. It’s why these are my favorite weird dog behaviors! These moments challenge us to understand the nutty and natural behavior of dogs.

Paying attention to my own dog and her quirks has brought me so much joy. Whether it’s the way dogs tilt their heads, chase their tails, or get the zoomies, they are so lovable.

So, here’s to the weird and wonderful world of dog behaviors – may it continue to surprise and delight us every day.

Dogs do some strange things. These were just the most common dog behaviors explained.

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