Why I Love the Zoomies

Dog zoomies are good for your dog's brain.Have you ever seen dog zoomies? If you’ve never heard this term, I’ll paint you a picture.

I’m sitting on my couch, while my daughters play with my dog in the other room.

Suddenly, my dog comes flying towards me. She’s like a furry tornado, spinning in circles, tearing through the house.

She jumps on and off the couch like a ride at an amusement park. Her ears flap in the wind and her tongue hangs out of her mouth in a wide, contagious grin. Her whole body is a canvas of joyful movement, darting from one room to the next.

Her energy can’t be contained. It explodes out of her in this wild and hilarious expression of bliss. She embodies pure joy.

And I don’t want her to stop! I just sit back and enjoy the show. We can learn so much from our dogs about living in the moment.

Let’s explore why dogs get the zoomies, what this means, and how you can enjoy this wonderful part of being a pet parent.

The World of Dog Zoomies

Defining Zoomies

Frenetic random activity periods are the technical term for dog zoomies.Dog zoomies are those moments when a dog suddenly zooms around with chaotic excitement.

The technical term for this behavior is “frenetic random activity period.” But I like calling these moments the zoomies. It’s a loving way to describe these spontaneous sprints, leaps, and joyful circles.

Whether you ask your veterinarian or a certified professional dog trainer, zoomies are a good thing. Experts confirm that this behavior is a normal and healthy expression of a dog’s spirit.

The Origin of the Zoomies

Young Dogs and Puppies

Zoomies are extra common in young dogs and puppies. These furry bundles of energy need to regularly release pent-up energy. It’s a natural part of their development.

Puppy zoomies are adorable. Dog zoomies happen at any age.

For puppies, zoomies are more than just an adorable display of joy. They are an important part of their growth and learning process.

Think about the way you learned as a child. You might remember more from playing than from studying. High energy, playful ways of learning are important for everyone! Zoomies help your puppy be more social, outgoing, curious, and calm.

That’s right—calm. Although your pup might look crazy, flying through your house, these moments are helping her stay calm. Zoomies are just a really quick way to burn off some steam.

Bath Time and Play

Dog zoomies can be triggered by many things. It really just depends what makes your dog excited! Zoomies after a bath and after playtime are some of the most common.

Dogs get the zoomies when they are wet. This dog's zoomies are from being wet.

After a bath, dogs might use zoomies to shake off water. My dog gets the zoomies if it’s raining too. It even happens if there’s dew on the grass! Dogs tend to get very hyper any time they are wet. This is normal dog behavior.

Play sessions can also spark zoomies. My dog gets extra excited when we play with her favorite toy. Playing with other dogs can also inspire your pup to release some excess energy.

Are Zoomies Healthy?

Physical Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Zoomies, however chaotic, play an important role in a dog’s overall well-being. They offer a natural outlet for physical exercise. This helps dogs maintain a healthy weight and good cardiovascular health. Additionally, the mental stimulation from these bursts of activity contributes to a dog’s cognitive development.

Stress Relief and Emotional Expression

Dog zoomies relieve stress. Most dogs get the zoomies when they are healthy.

I’ve seen zoomies serve as a form of stress relief and emotional expression. Dogs, much like humans, experience moments of excitement, and zoomies provide an avenue for them to express and release these emotions. And watching your dog’s zoomies is good for you too! They truly make everyone happy.

Should Pet Parents Be Concerned?

Caution: Wet Floor

Generally speaking, zoomies are entirely normal and a wonderful part of a healthy dog’s behavior. However, it’s important that we pet parents are mindful of our environments.

As much as we all love zoomies, it might not always be the right time and place for these bursts of energy. Certain environments, such as slippery floors, can be dangerous.

Many dogs get the zoomies when playing with a dog toy. Allow dog zoomies in a safe space

Try to redirect your dog to a safer place if possible. If you need to calm your dog, I strongly recommend TTouches. The Ear TTouch in particular is very calming for dogs.

Age-Related Patterns

Older dogs get the dog zoomies too when they have excess energy or nervous energy they need to release.

While puppies and young dogs are more well-known for their zoomies, older dogs get the zoomies too.

So cherish the puppy zoomies while they last! And if you notice your senior dog gets the zoomies, enjoy this moment. You can feel confident that older dogs still love life too.

Celebrating Dog Zoomies

Management Strategies

Does your dog get the zoomies all the time? This could just be because he’s really happy! It could also be a sign that he needs more exercise or mental stimulation. I recommend speaking to your veterinarian if you have any concerns about how often your dog gets the zoomies.

For pet parents seeking to manage or minimize the frequency of dog zoomies, be mindful to give your dog enough physical exercise, mental stimulation, and playtime. This can help channel his energy in a more controlled manner. Try activities like a long walk, interactive games, or a 1 minute training session.

Embracing the Joy

Zoomies, zoomies, zoomies! Dog zoomies release a lot of pent up energy. Dog zoomies are normal dog behavior.

The key to navigating the world of dog zoomies lies in embracing the joy they bring. These incredible bursts of energy are a show of pure, unadulterated happiness.

Join in the fun and strengthen your bond with your dog by celebrating joy together!

Watching my dog get the zoomies is one of the best things in the world. And I am so glad to know that she is happy and healthy.


Dog zoomies can include a play bow, your dog running, and more. As pet owners, we don't need to stop dog zoomies. We need to enjoy our zooming dogs!!

So, when your dog gets the zoomies, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Find peace in knowing that your dog’s everyday life is worth celebrating.

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