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Our Free Videos and Training Guides include:

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-Learn key tips to prevent separation anxiety in dogs.
-Create a comfortable space for your dog.
-Utilize calming Tellington TTouches®.
-Discover effective communication techniques.
-Understand the importance of distraction toys and regular exercise.
-Learn effective techniques to address leash pulling.
-Understand how Tellington TTouches aid in training.
-Begin training indoors for foundational skills.
-Practice slow walks in the yard for gradual learning.
-Use a halti for improved control during walks.
-Discover why alpha dog training is outdated and ineffective.
-Aggressive training behaviors are linked to increased aggression in dogs.
-Train with love and positive reinforcement.
-Build trust and foster a positive relationship with your dog.
-Use polite communication like "please" and "thank you" with your dog.
-Explains how speaking in complete sentences enhances your dog's understanding of your requests.
-Highlights the intelligence of dogs, showcasing their ability to comprehend and respond.
-Learn the basic requests like sit, stay, and come.
-Brief and consistent 1 minute sessions help dogs learn.
-Chewing and teething in puppies is a natural developmental stage.
-Learn how to puppy-proof your house.
-Highlights the importance of close supervision and appropriate use of crating.
-Provide suitable chew toys for puppies.
-Consistent attention and exercise is needed for a healthy and joyful puppy.
-Teach your dog to consistently use the bathroom outside by going to the same spot each time.
-Your puppy needs a lot of attention, take them outside often.
-Use positive reinforcement, praise your puppy for good behavior to encourage them.
-Use positive reinforcement to train your dog.
-Use the Tellington TTouches and kind language.
-Keep training sessions short, about 1 minute each, to maintain your puppy's attention.
-Paise your puppy with gentle touches or treats when they perform well.
-Foster a positive training environment.

"In dog training, consistency matters! The 1 Minute Dog Training method focuses on patience, positive reinforcement, and daily 1 minute sessions. In a world where time is of the essence, all it takes is just 1 minute to make a difference.”

-Tom Mitchell, the 1 Minute Dog Trainer

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