Tom Mitchell, the 1 minute dog trainer, sitting with different dogs he has trained throughout his career.

Now you might ask me, “How is that possible, Tom?” “How can you train a dog 1 minute at a time?”

I promise you, I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and I’ve had the privilege to work with some other great trainers, all who have helped contribute to this system. With the 1 Minute Dog Training you will receive all that you need to know to train your dog!

We will learn together how you can teach a puppy or any dog in short 1 Minute sessions. I promise to present an easy, kind, and straightforward method for training Puppies and Dogs from someone who has been out in the field working with dogs for decades.

Let’s talk about this concept of being the alpha dog or the dominant leader of the pack.

Many studies have debunked, or proven, that this actually doesn’t work.

NOW … many trainers, including some superstar trainers say …..

“You have to let your DOG know that you are in charge! You must be the ALPHA and You are the Boss and pack leader.”

That you must speak to your dog in curt, short words, like Sit, No, Bad Dog! I think many dogs think that their name is NO.

I don’t understand why trainers continue to do it. Maybe it’s because they don’t know any better, or they just don’t know what else to do.

But I promise you if you put something around a dog’s neck and you choke them to tell them what it is that you want, they’re not really going to think too highly of you.

Numerous studies have proven that this actually doesn’t work well and it makes dogs more aggressive. Many studies including one in Science magazine showed this is actually dangerous.

It said that dogs that are abused in this way tend to be much more aggressive towards their people. And, more importantly, more aggressive towards children.

Also, the American Humane Society has spoken out against this repeatedly.

Even against trainers that are highly respected in the media today. I know that they are coming from the perspective of wolves and the alpha leader of the pack. Well, I’ve had the opportunity to work with wolves, wolf puppies, and high-bred wolf dogs. They’re not the same as your Golden Retriever, or any other dog for that matter. I promise if you want to dominate or choke a wolf, you’d better stand back and have a big stick.

But …. If You want to have a Great Dog, then do it with Leadership and Wisdom. Not Dominance! It’s been over 10,000 years since dogs have worked together with humans. It’s enough time to make a change where we can understand each other. That we can work together with knowledge and train with wisdom, understanding and leadership. You do not need to be the dominate alpha dog.

Learn how to train your dog with leadership rather than dominance or being the alpha dog.

So, give the 1 Minute Dog Training a try!

I guarantee it will work for you.

YOU Have Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose.

I promise you, unconditionally, Money Satisfaction Guarantee!

No other trainer unconditionally guarantees their system.

If this training does not work for you, you will get your money back.

I guarantee that you will love this system, or I will send your money back. No questions asked.

My family and I stand behind that promise. It is good anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Mitchell, has trained over hundreds of different breeds of dogs, and has found great joy in dog training.


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